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“I wanted real food. If I hadn't come here, I would have been forced to eat my pillow. It would have tasted far superior to what I was supposed to eat.”

“Good god. I'm going to speak with her
,” he said furiously.

“Don't do that. It's only until we're married, and then I can be a glutton. I don't want to make things worse than they already are.” She thought of her sister, and the joy of the evening faded away.

Chance took her hand. “It shouldn't be long now. The messenger will return with a special license in a few days.” He looked down at her.

Obedience had the urge to step closer to him, to rest her head against his chest and let him shelter her. He was her champion, sacrificing himself for her, and his father. She would do anything to make it up to him. “I am indebted to you, Chance. You are giving up so much for me... and for your father.”

He smiled. “I'm not giving up anything, now come. We can take the carriage most of the way with our horses hitched behind, and then I will ride you to the stables.” He pulled her along the hall, but he didn't let go of her hand.

“That really isn't necessary.”

“It absolutely is necessary. No more riding about the countryside at night. I'm only grateful you didn't show up in breeches.”

“Someday, women in breeches will be quite common place.”

Chance laughed. “I don't know whether to be happy or horrified should such a day come.”

The night was cool and clear when they stepped out from under the portico. Chance handed her into the carriage and boldly sat beside her. He still had possession of her hand, which she didn't seem to mind. The interior was dark with only faint light from the outer lanterns to see by. He had one simple goal while escorting her home, and that was to further their intimacy
, however slightly, before they took the permanent plunge and married. He tried to tell himself it was for her benefit, but he knew that the simple truth was he wanted to kiss her again. It could be only a matter of days before they were wed, and being an innocent, she might be completely ignorant of the duties that would befall a wife come her wedding night. Not that he would rush her. In fact, his plan was the opposite. He wanted to give her as much time as she needed and greet each pleasurable milestone slowly, even after they said their vows.

He turned to look
at her, her profile illuminated by the light from outside the window. Just looking at her made his blood heat. He couldn't remember the last time he was this affected by a woman. Most of his liaisons were sophisticated game of cat and mouse, but she made him feel different, like a conqueror, and he didn’t understand why. She hadn't this effect on him before. Perhaps he hadn't been ready to see it, but now he couldn't look away. Every cell in his body wanted to reach out to her and claim what could already be his. “Obedience.” He startled her and himself with the roughness of his voice.

She turned to look at him, the details of her face disappearing in the shadows. He brought a hand up to her face, his thumb instinctively locating and sliding over the arc of her lip. Without
hesitation, he bent to kiss her, capturing her gasp of surprise. She recovered quickly, her lips softening and then opening to allow him to take her mouth. Chance smiled against her lips. He should have known she'd be a fast learner.

She slid her tongue across his, and he felt it all the way to his groin. She brought her hands up to his shoulders, turning her body
toward him. Sliding his hands to her shoulders and down her back, he pulled her onto his lap and leaned back against the squabs. She didn't fight him. Instead, she leaned into the kiss, her hip digging into him uncomfortably.

Chance groaned, but it wasn't from pleasure. Pulling back from the kiss, he tried to look into her eyes
, but they were shrouded in darkness.

“Do you trust me, Obedience?”
he asked, his voice thick with desire.

“Of course.”

Chance reached for her skirts, pulling them up to her knees. “Sit astride me.”

She didn't respond, but he saw her head dip in agreement. He held her skirts up as she shifted to her knees beside him, her head lowering to avoid the roof. She brought one knee over his hips and slowly lowered. Chance dropped her skirts and let his hand
slide up her thigh as she sat. By the time she settled on top of him, he was as hard as granite. She jerked in surprise, holding herself just above him. There was very little material between them now. He could feel the heat from the core of her body. “Did I shock you?”

Yes, I—I don't want to hurt you,” she admitted.

Chance chuckled and brushed his hand over her buttock to her hip. With pressure
, he brought her down fully onto his hardness, shuddering with restrained passion as he did so. “You won't hurt me, but you will drive me mad.”

“I'm sorry.” Obedience adjusted herself a little. She was shocked to her
toes, and even more surprised that when she moved against his hardness, it felt good. “Oh my.”

“Don't do that.” Chance groaned aloud. “For
God’s sake, hold still and kiss me.”

Obedience could feel her heart racing, her breaths shallow and excited. She set her lips against his, his mouth opening and inviting her to enter. She took the lead, a novel experience, and did her own exploring. He kept his hand firmly on her hip
, though she did her best to not move. Occasionally, the carriage would roll over a bump, and they would grind against each other. It felt wonderful, and Obedience was tempted to repeat the motion herself.

“I told you to remain still.” Chance panted as he broke the kiss. “How am I to remain in control if you can't
?” He emphasized his words by thrusting against her.

Obedience was shocked to hear herself moan. “But Chance, I like it.”

“I know you do, but I wanted to take things slow,” he said, and thrust against her again.

Obedience squeezed her thighs in response. Her body was taking over, wanting more pressure, more friction. She felt hot all over, her neck damp under her falling hair. “Teddy, please.” She didn't recognize her own voice, or what she was begging him for.

“Obedience.” He squeezed her hip, teasing himself with the hot dampness between her legs. Damn it but this was a mistake. He should have never kissed her, but it was too late. She had tucked her head into his shoulder, her breath huffing against his skin. He dipped his hand between her thighs and she jerked.

“Shhh. I'm going to give you what you want, but I want you to do something for me.”

“Anything.” She panted.

Chance smiled in the darkness. “Take off your jacket and open your blouse.”

She did as he said, her fingers moving quickly over the buttons. She separated the halves of her riding jacket and began on the buttons of her habit shirt, making quick work of the two buttons at the neck and tape tied around her waist. She pulled open her shirt, and Chance brought his free hand up to cup her breast. “No stays?”

“I hate stays
,” she said and sucked in a breath as he squeezed her breast.

His other hand gently touched the folds of her sex. With nimble fingers, he untied the strap of her chemise and pulled it down, revealing her bare breast. He bent forward and touched his lips to her skin, his tongue darting out to tease her sensitive nipple. She gasped, but didn't move, and he drew her attention to his hand between her legs by
dipping a single finger into her sheath. Her hands moved from his shoulders to his neck where her fingernails lightly bit into his skin. Using his thumb, he massaged the sensitive bead hidden in her curls and she jerked against his hand.

,” she cried.

“It's all right. It's only going to get better.
” He drew her nipple into his mouth and sucked, drawing another moan from her. At the same time, he added a second finger to the first and slowly moved them in and out. He could feel her thighs tensing around him, and her back rigid. He pulled back his mouth giving her some reprieve. “Relax. Do you not like what I'm doing?”

“No, I mean... please don't stop.” Her voice was strangled.

Chance nuzzled her breasts and smiled. His little porcupette was going to fall to pieces in his arms soon. This boded well for their future as husband and wife. Their marriage bed would be anything but dull because she was so fearless and trusting. Chance brought his head up caught her mouth in a kiss. He increased the tempo of his fingers between her legs and the pressure of his thumb. She was shaking now, her first climax destined to be earth shattering. He only wished he could be buried inside her when it happened, but that would have to wait. He was already far beyond the measured pace he'd wanted to keep for her introduction to passion.

She was arching her back now, her hips moving with his hand instinctively. He growled in satisfaction as she climaxed, her head tipping back as she moaned in release. She went limp in his arms then, and Chance tucked her against him. He only let her rest for a moment before urging her to sit up so he could do up her blouse and jacket. Once she was put together, he cradled her face and kissed her softly. He could feel the flutter of her eye lashes against his cheeks.

“We don't have much time,” he said quietly. “Are you all right?”

“I feel wonderful.”

He could feel her smile and the sated muscles of her body melting into him. He was still as hard as a steel pole, but he would survive. Soon she would be his, and he would have all night to feel her climax in his arms. He scooped her up in his arms and set her on the seat beside him. He tucked her under his arm, her head resting against his chest. “Will you be able to ride?”

“I don't see why not. I'm a little sore, but not overly so.”

“You will be more so when we consummate the marriage. That was just a taste.”

“I hope there will be more opportunities for tastes.” She nuzzled his neck.

Chance stretched out his legs, his erection boldly tenting his breeches and not likely to go away anytime soon. “You're supposed to be innocent and shocked beyond comprehension.” He chuckled.

“You're supposed to be a gentleman, and yet you've ravished me in a carriage.” She returned playfully.

“We're to be married. I'm allowed to do a little ravishing.”

“Well, I like a little ravishing, as long as
it’s from you.”

Chance could see the gleam of her teeth as she smiled. “That's good to know.” He laughed and held her tightly against his side. The carriage began to slow, and she sat up and began to fuss with her attire.

“I buttoned everything accordingly, I think. Your hair is another matter.”

Obedience huffed in annoyance and quickly repined a few straggling curls. “I can always say I was unhorsed. It's happens frequently enough that no one will suspect otherwise.”

Chance pulled her closer again. “Before you go...” He touched his lips to hers again, his tongue sweeping into her mouth possessively. He sighed as he pulled away. “Sweet dreams, Porcupette.”

“Goodnight, Teddy
,” she said warmly.

He reached around her and opened the door. Stepping out, he handed her down and assisted her up onto Tulips back. He turned to mount his own horse.

“There's no need. If you peek through the hedge you can see the lights of the stables and watch me ride in.”

He nodded and walked her horse around the hedge. She waved as she rode away, becoming a blurred shadow moving among shadows. She was briefly illuminated in the pool of light of the open stable doors, and Chance watched until he couldn't see her anymore. Returning to the carriage, the coachmen turned them around and headed
toward home.

Every kiss they shared assured him that he was making the right decision, but it also showed him how much of a reprobate he was capable of becoming. She did something to him, erased his years as a civilized
gentleman, and turned him into a lusting fool. He had held onto his control, but only just barely. He had only meant to kiss her again, to hold her lush body against his like before, but she overwhelmed him with her own passion, eroding his good intentions. He would have to be prepared next time, or keep her at arm’s length until after the wedding, which he absolutely did not want to do. The truth was, he liked the wild lust he felt for her, and the crazed need to touch her. He had never let himself feel this way before. He always remained in control. But with her he didn't have to, he knew she would accept him, trust him, and that's where his conscience intervened. She deserved patience. She deserved his attentive care of her innocence. He would not lunge at her like an animal on their wedding night. She deserved his utmost respect in that regard. Kissing and petting were one thing, but when it came to the final act of consummation, he would handle it with reverence.



Chapter 7

When Obedience went down to breakfast, she was alarmed to find her mother in a pleasant mood. She smiled when Obedience entered and paid no mind to the helping of eggs and toast on Obedience's plate when she sat down. Obedience sipped her tea, wary of her mother’s serene veneer.

“Good morning,”
her mother chirped. “I have such splendid news.”

BOOK: To Love, Honor, and Obey... (Fated for Love)
4.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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